Smart Car 2

Smart Car Mug

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Original design by “Stovepipe” of The Rusty VW. “Smart Car” Mug… That’s right, the original Smart Car :)

Now you have all these hippies and granola eaters out there sporting their “green” cars. Well, we’ve got news for you, the Volkswagen was FIRST! It was designed smart, economical, and was literally decades ahead of its time. Take that granola eaters, we were the first “Smart Car” and we’re damned proud of it!

This mug is commercial quality ceramic, holds 15oz of liquid and the design is sublimated onto the surface. The design is dishwasher safe and will last. Our sublimation mugs are coated with ORCA and CACTUS coatings which are FDA approved and safe for consumption. Please always ask other mug sellers if theirs are FDA approved.

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