About Us

The Rusty VW is NOT a T-shirt company. We sell original art on numerous products (shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, shoes, etc). When you purchase a wearable item from us, we print it ourselves. We do keep a modest inventory of products for shows but will print on demand as orders are received. There’s truth to the line “We don’t make it till you order it”, and we subscribe to that at The Rusty VW. In most cases we have a quick turn around for each order but since its just two guys (who have day jobs too), please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery. Commissioned art items by Stovepipe have a separate time table.

Meet the Rusty VW Team:

GrooDamon (aka Groo) is a post-production video editor for television. His love affair with VWs started with a 1974 Yellow Karmann Ghia convertible in 1986. After high school, the ghia was sold to a buyer in Europe a few years later and Damon inherited his older sister’s 1974 Super Beetle convertible to drive in college (it was also yellow). The beetle was retired after graduating.

Fast forward 9 years and Damon’s desire to VWs returns in 2006 when he finds a 1964 Karmann Ghia (yes it was yellow). The true addiction to VWs became apparent as Damon spent most of his time tweaking it to his liking….

Damon’s primary enjoyment is his 59 bus and meeting many others who share the same interest and addiction of VWs. The Rusty VW was just a natural next step between long-time friends.

Finn (aka Stovepipe) is a talented artist/cartoonist and started out driving heavy American street racing steel in High School. Soon after graduating in the 80s, he bought his first VW, a European 1960 bug w/ Semaphores for $350, running. The bug became his daily driver. Still sporting the original 1300 motor, Finn made the slow and laborious treks over the Sepulveda Pass to and from work.

FinnSadly, a few years later the bug while parked on the street received it’s death blow from a clueless woman driving a large sedan. The bug became an accordian and was totaled.

Jump ahead to the late 90s, Finn takes a chance on a later VW,a 1969. The bug soon became his next art project and was transformed into his first of many WWII-themed USA Military art cars. The irony of course is it’s an American themed bomber on an German vehicle which fits him just fine. Finn has received lots of attention from his WWII cars, even distracted Jay Leno around Burbank, so much that Jay bought him a sandwich.

To date, Finn now has 2 WWII bugs, his 69 and 58 beetle. The latest acquisition is a 59 Double Door panel bus which will be used for transporting Rusty goods to each show. His interests in VW’s stems from the very name itself “Volkswagen” which is “The Peoples Car”. In all the world VW drivers seem to have a bond with their vehicle, a joy of driving, and a love of life and humanity! It is that feeling that he hopes to share with everyone through The Rusty VW.